Bonnie Lee Bouman is a leading Independent Casting Director, and your premier destination for sourcing top talent in South Africa with an unmatched track record of discovering the perfect fit for each role. From professional actors to unique authentic characters to stunning models, BLBC is your one-stop shop. At BLBC, we understand the unique demands of high-profile productions and go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Our studios provide a dynamic and comfortable atmosphere conducive to collaboration and exceptional outcomes. We are conveniently located in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering upscale facilities equipped with the professional studio lighting, HD Cameras, and lapel radio mics for capturing every nuance, ensuring top-notch sound quality.

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“What sets Bonnie apart from other casting directors is her emotional intuition. Her sensitivity towards the subtle, unspoken nuances that make a performance believable is invaluable in the commercial space, where a few brutal seconds is often all we get. This, along with industry relationships forged over many years and a keen eye for new talent, make her my go to collaborator. Every time.”



“Bonnie lee Bouman can make a movie shine! She gets into the nuts and bolts of the story telling and character.  If I have adjustments to suggest she’s responsive and just gets it. She recently single handedly cast all the key characters under quite tight time pressure for my film Death of a Whistle-blower which was awarded Best African Film accolade at the 2024 Joburg Film Festival. The film plays quite an extensive and I think very impressive SA actor ensemble from key characters to minor roles ( which as we all know are never minor at all !). The film shines I believe because of the care and attention paid to casting of all the roles. Thank you so much Bonnie!”



“Bonnie Lee Bouman is one of the first people I call when I have a project shooting in South Africa. She has great contacts, talent love her and her team always bring their A-game. She’s able to find the people from all walks of life to fit what I’m looking for, even for international shows that require a range of diversity. I know I’m going to get to see the very best people for the job. Her energy is fantastic and she’s just a great human to have working at my side.”



“Bonnie played a pivotal role in casting numerous characters for my film G20, sourcing talented character actors from South Africa. Collaborating with her was an absolute pleasure. Her extensive network of South African actors is truly world-class.”


“The BLBC Studio is one of my favorite places in the world to audition. One genuinely feels a sense of collaborative spirit and support when casting there…like they’re rooting for you to get the job! Plus the readers are always top-notch and the direction, sharp and insightful. Walking out of an audition at BLBC, I always feel that they have gotten the best performance out of me.”


“As an actor, when I see a role is coming in through Bonnie, I know immediately that when I get to the studio I’m going to be well represented, well supported, and well directed by Bonnie and her team, and on top of that, it’s going to be a fun one! And as a writer-director, I know that Bonnie can cast the heck out of a script. She understands character and knows exactly how to draw what’s needed out of the great pool of actors she brings in. She is deeply passionate and committed and our industry is lucky to have a giant like her steering South African casting for local and international work.”


“I have been working with Bonnie for many years in my capacity as an actors’ agent. Bonnie keeps looking for the next improvement in her casting systems to make lives easier for agents and actors. She has a firecracker energy and is deeply passionate about what she does and our South African talent, which is inspiring and motivating.”


“I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Bonnie Lee Bouman numerous times throughout my career as an actor. Her skill set extends beyond conventional expectations—Bonnie provides outstanding direction, showcasing a keen understanding of both the project’s vision and the director’s requirements. What truly sets her apart is her fearlessness in challenging artists to reach their full potential, offering constructive feedback that elevates performances. Bonnie has an unwavering dedication to advocating for talent. If she recognizes that you possess the qualities required for a role, she becomes your staunch advocate, ready to stand up and fight for your inclusion. Working with Bonnie has not only been a joy but also an absolute honor. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a casting director who not only understands the industry intricately but is also a genuine champion for the artists she believes in.”


“Bonnie isn’t just a casting director, she’s a force of nature, pouring her heart and soul into every project she touches. Her passion for storytelling is infectious, driving her to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every character is brought to life with authenticity and brilliance. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness her unwavering dedication firsthand, and what began as a professional relationship has blossomed into a cherished friendship. Bonnie’s warmth and compassion extend beyond the audition room; she genuinely cares about each artist, their journey, and their dreams. Working with her isn’t just a job, it’s a joyous collaboration fueled by mutual respect and admiration. I would leap at the chance to collaborate with Bonnie again, anytime, anywhere, because with her by my side, I know the story will shine brighter than ever before.”

Bonnie Lee Bouman - Independent Casting Director


From TV commercials to feature films and immersive TV series, each project reflects our commitment to innovation. Our portfolio is a showcase of diverse narratives, brought to life through meticulous casting direction and a deep understanding of storytelling.

Bonnie Lee Bouman - Independent Casting Director

JHB & CPT Studios Casting

Our studios in Johannesburg and Cape Town, offer upscale facilities equipped with the latest technology, including full HD cameras, professional studio lighting, and lapel radio microphones for capturing every nuance, ensuring top-notch sound quality.

Bonnie Lee Bouman - Independent Casting Director

Self-Tape Facilities

At Bonnie Lee Bouman Casting,  our camera operators, also happen to be seasoned actors and provide stellar readings, elevating your performance to the next level and guiding you with valuable direction to ensure the highest quality self tape auditions.